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About CEI

What is the EIA Consumer Education Initiative?

The EIA Consumer Education Initiative or "CEI" is a web-based information resource that provides consumers and others with information on recycling and reuse opportunities for used electronics. Participating manufacturers include an industry statement in a variety of media, including owner's manuals, company web sites, and product literature, directing consumers to the CEI web page where consumers can find recycling and reuse opportunities for used electronics in their area.

What is the purpose of the CEI?

The CEI is the premier resource for consumers that wish to find local opportunities for recycling and reusing used electronics. These opportunities include state and local collection programs, charitable organizations, and recyclers that accept used electronics.

How will the CEI increase the reuse and recycling of used electronics?

The CEI will facilitate the development of a nationwide program to educate consumers about local opportunities for the increased recycling and reuse of electronic products. Because the electronics industry actively supports and participates in the CEI, the CEI is uniquely poised to become the leading web site for electronic reuse and recycling information.

How does industry participate?

Although the initiative is voluntary, EIA encourages active company participation by maintaining and publishing a list of companies that have agreed to develop and implement programs consistent with the initiative. Participating companies include an industry statement in their product information to direct consumers to the site.

For more information:

For more information on the CEI, please contact EIA's Environmental Affairs Staff at 703-907-7573, or cei@eia.org.

The Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) is a partnership of electronic and high-tech associations and companies committed to shared knowledge and shared influence. Comprised of more than 2,100 members that provide two million jobs for American workers, EIA represents 80 percent of the $550 billion U.S. electronics industry.

EIA Sector Associations:

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
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